Three Generations

11 yrs 88 minutes 2015 6.0

Ray is a regular teenage boy, but with a significant exception: He was born in a female body. His single mom Maggie has failed with love and has anxiety over her failed life. As evidence for this, she takes the fact that she and Ray are living with Ray's grandmother Dolly. While wondering if her mistakes made Ray be how he is, she tries to support him in becoming the one he really is. But despite all the support a young transperson may wish, it seems easier said than done to carry out a sex-confirmatory operation. They need the father's signature on the papers too. And when Ray's father returns nothing stays the same.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, queer
Director: Gaby Dellal
Actor: Elle Fanning, Susan Sarandon, Naomi Watts, Linda Emond, Andrew Polk, Marcos A Gonzalez, Antonio Ortiz
Country: USA
Language: English