Desde allá

15 yrs 89 minutes 2015 6.6

Middle-aged Armand's loneliness and longing for closeness drives him to Caracas chaotic slum. There is life, and there is young Elder. From opposite worlds - wealthy Armando owns a company that produces dental prostheses, while Elder is barely eighteen, yet already leader of a criminal gang - the two meet in what grows into mutual love. But between the two, apart from a deep social divide, are the ghosts of Armando's past that are the reason for his loneliness. Nöjesguiden's Isabelle Espinoza gives the film the highest rating and writes that: "The story of the film is scaled down and tight so that an audience is referred to deciphering clues and filling in slots about the backgrounds and motifs of the characters." And that "When the two men seem to near each other, the story takes a merciless turn. Reality shows what injured people can do, even though they care about each other. It's shocking "

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, queer
Director: Lorenzo Vigas
Actor: Alfredo Castro, Luis Silva, Jericó Montilla, Catherina Cardozo, Jorge Luis Bosque
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish