11 yrs 99 minutes 2015 6.6

The movie Freeheld tells the true love story about Laurel and Stacie and their struggle for justice. Laurel Hester is a dedicated police officer, diagnosed with incurable cancer. She wants to leave her hard-earned pension to her partner, Stacie Andree. Had they been a heterosexual couple, it would have happened automatically, but New Jersey's decision-makers, the so-called Freeholders, conspire to prevent Laurel from having the same rights. Laurel's colleague, Dane Wells, and activist Steve Goldstein join forces with policemen and ordinary citizens to support them in their fight for gender equality. According to Sofia Olsson at Kulturnyheterna, Freeheld is a "political film that knows what it wants to say, but does so without megaphones and crescendo. Knowing how it ends from the beginning doesn’t really matter, since it is packed with small, brilliant subtleties".

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Biography, drama, queer, political, bechdel approved
Director: Peter Sollett
Actor: Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Steve Carell
Country: USA
Language: English