Mästerdetektiven Kalle Blomkvist och Rasmus

7 yrs 78 minutes 1997 5.6

Once again we meet up with The White Rose (Kalle, Eva-Lotta and Anders). They are up against The Red Rose for the Stormumriken award. One night, out on a stake-out, they witness little Rasmus and his dad being kidnapped by three villains. The dad, who is a professor, has invented a new type of metal that the bad guys are after. Eva-Lotta succeeds in sneaking into the kidnappers' car. Once again the great detective Kalle Blomkvist faces a difficult task...

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children
Director: Göran Carmback
Actor: Malte Forsberg, Totte Steneby, Josefin Årling, William Svedberg
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish