Lillebror på Tjuvjakt

7 yrs 94 minutes 2003 4.0

Lillebror på tjuvjakt is an exciting family movie with Kjell Bergqvist in one of the main roles. 11-year-old Lillebror and his friend Jens are two guys with lively imaginations and great ingenuity. When Lillebror's father (Kjell Bergqvist) gets the job as security director at a museum - and his big sister comes home with a new boyfriend who seems to be more interested in dad Roland's new job - Lillebror's suspicions are immediately piqued. Perhaps he is not so wrong this time. A heist targeting an exhibition of valuable items at the museum is actually planned. But who will believe two guys who constantly have new stories to tell? Lillebror and Jens have to solve the case on their own. "Good entertainment, a descendant of Astrid Lindgren's stories about the master detective Blomkvist," - Jan Olov Andersson, Aftonbladet.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children, comedy, family
Director: Clas Lindberg
Actor: Kjell Bergqvist, Daniel Bragderyd, Helena Korsvall, Inga Ålenius, David Schlein-Andersen, Karin Bjurström
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish