7 yrs 90 minutes 2017 6.9

17-year-old Asher is impulsive and has difficulty concentrating in school. He is charming but burdened by a lot of anger. His father works in the construction business and expects his son to follow in his footsteps and one day take over the business. But when Asher finds a new male role model in the literature teacher Rami, he suddenly finds himself torn between two completely different worlds. The film is partly based on the director and screenwriter Matan Yair's own life as a teacher at a high school and Asher Lax who plays the lead role was his student in real life. Scaffolding was rewarded with numerous wins and nominations at Israeli film festivals.


The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama
Director: Matan Yair
Actor: Asher Lax, Ami Smolartchik, Yaacov Cohen
Country: Israel, Poland
Language: Hebrew