Virus Tropical

7 yrs 97 minutes 2017 6.8

Paola is the youngest daughter of the retired priest Uriel and the psychic Hilda. They also have two elder daughters, the loving big sister Claudia and the slightly neglected middle sister Patty. When the daughters' grandmother, who does not like Hilda, comes to visit from Colombia, she manages to persuade the father to start working as a priest again and move back to Colombia. The family is split up, and Hilda struggles with the role of single mother. Virus Tropical is the story of the young Paola trying to find her place and independence as a young woman in Latin America. The film is based on a graphic novel by Power Paola, pseudonym for Paola Gaviria.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, biography, drama
Director: Santiago Caicedo
Actor: María Cecilia Sánchez, Martina Toro, Alejandra Borrero
Country: Colombia, Ecuador
Language: Spanish