Antboy 3

7 yrs 85 minutes 2016 5.0

In the third movie about the superhero Antboy, Pelle is enjoying the summer with his girlfriend Ida. But when a new, cool super hero shows up and takes all the attention, Pelle doesn’t know if he is a friend or a threat. At the same time, the company Exofarm’s new director Alicia Dufort has started experimenting with a radioactive serum, the same serum that gave Antboy’s old enemy The flea his superpowers and soon it is clear that her intentions are not good. Will Antboy take on the threat himself or will he dare to trust the new superhero and try to solve the problem together?

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Family, comedy, adventure
Director: Ask Hasselbalch
Actor: Oscar Dietz, Amalie Kruse Jensen, Samuel Ting Graf
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish