Antboy: Revenge of the Red Fury

7 yrs 80 minutes 2014 5.2

Thirteen-year-old Pelle’s alter ego, the superhero Antboy, is more popular than ever after defeating his arch-enemy The Flea who is now locked up in Dragsbrog’s mental hospital. But Pelle is currently more interested in his friend Ida and how to make her his girlfriend. The problem is that the new boy in school is a real charmer and also has his sight set on Ida. Meanwhile, a new threat shows up in the form of antagonist Red Fury. Will Antboy succeed in overcoming the threat and win Ida’s heart?

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Family, comedy, adventure
Director: Ask Hasselbalch
Actor: Oscar Dietz, Samuel Ting Graf, Amalie Kruse Jensen
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish