Loving Lorna

11 yrs 60 minutes 2017 7.7

17-year-old Lorna lives in the suburb of Ballymun, outside of Dublin. The community has always had a strong horse culture, and Lorna and her family are part of it. The family has always had horses around it, and in many ways, it has been their rescue. In this documentary, which was nominated for Best Film in Generation 14Plus at the Berlin Film Festival in 2017, we follow Lorna during her last summer vacation and share her dreams, disappointments and relationships. On Filmeye, Desirée Ehn states that it is a "very interesting documentary about a for me entirely unknown phenomenon. You get to follow the family in a close-up everyday portrait”, giving the film the second highest rating.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Nature, young
Director: Annika Karlsson
Country: Sweden
Language: English