Ice and the Sky

11 yrs 85 minutes 2015 6.9

From the Oscars-winning director of Pingvinresan comes a new documentary. In 1955, 23-year-old Claude Lorius responded to an advertisement regarding a polar expedition to Antarctica. He and two other young travelers made a year-long trip to Antarctica, a journey that came to affect the rest of his life. Lorius began studying Antarctica, managed to take deeper samples than anyone previously done and determine air temperatures from thousands of years before our time. His discoveries gave him the Blue Planet Prize - the environmental science's own Nobel Prize - but also resulted in him becoming the first scientist who was openly concerned about global warming. Now he is 83 years old and has seen how society has slowly begun to realize that the change of the environment is a fact. This is his story.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Nature
Director: Luc Jacquet
Country: France
Language: French, English