HobbyHorse revolution

Allowed 88 minutes 2017 6.9

In the documentary HobbyHorse Revolution, we meet a group of girls on the border between being children and adults, with all the difficulties and joys that can bring. What unites them is the shared interest in stick horses. The stick horse phenomenon began as a small underground movement but soon started to gain more and more ground through social media. It became platform for young girls to meet and created a zone free from norms and conventions but has grown into an international phenomenon and also developed into a feminist movement. The documentary filmmaker Selma Vilhunen (Oscar nominated for best short film for Do I have to take care of everything in 2012) has in HobbyHorse revolution captured a vibrant subculture among young girls where friendship, creativity and imagination get free play.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Finnish, young
Director: Selma Vilhunen
Actor: Mariam Njie, Elsa Salo, Alisa Aarniomäki
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish