7 yrs 120 minutes 1983 8.0

The Russian poet Andrei Gorchakov travels around Italy with his interpreter Eugenia to find inspiration in the footsteps of a 19th-century Russian composer. In a small village, they meet a deeply religious man who everyone says is crazy after locking his family in his house for seven years to protect them from evil. But Andrei becomes curious about his strong faith and through conversation with him, Andrei begins to look at his own life in a new light. Nostalgia is a three-time winner at the Cannes Film Festival and an exploration of the director's own complex relationship with his native Russia.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama
Director: Andrej Tarkovskij
Actor: Oleg Yankovskiy, Erland Josephson, Domiziana Giordano, Patrizia Terreno, Laura De Marchi
Country: Italy, Russia
Language: Italian, Russian