Mon maître d'ecole

Allowed 79 minutes 2016 7.3

In a school in southern France, Jean-Michel Burel teaches his final year before retirement. He teaches spelling, mathematics and keeps order in the classroom and is very committed. He is determined to give the students both self-esteem and willingness to grow as humans. Through the eyes of a former student, now a movie director, we see a timeless school world where discipline is combined with a good mood, and freedom begins with respect for others. Jean-Michel Burel, in addition to being a teacher, is also the city mayor. It's a tender and nostalgic portrait of a bit of society that is being swept away. Tidningen Kulturen's Belinda Graham thinks that "to see the film feels like being in a Marcel Pagnol novel, even though it is a documentary. The teacher is such a highly respected and beloved person in a small town. This is not just a portrait of a beloved teacher, this is also a portrayal of a whole village and a whole era - while the film also says a lot about survival conditions for rural areas today. "

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Education
Director: Emilie Thérond
Country: France
Language: French