Allowed 72 minutes 2022 7.2

When 9-year-old Luce gets a small pig cult from her grandfather, his mother is less than pleased. She is not too keen on having a pig in the house, but Luce convinces her that he should keep the pig and names it Oink. Luce's best friend Eli is suspicious about Luce's grandfather and think that he has a secret agenda for Knorr during a big sausage competition in the city. The film has won the Golden Calf, the Netherlands' equivalent of the Oscars, in the most coveted categories of Best Film, Best Director and Best Production Design. "A well-made good family film with a big heart" writes Kulturbloggen about Oink.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, children, comedy, family
Director: Mascha Halberstad
Producer: Tosca Menten, Fiona van Heemstra
Country: Belgium, Netherlands
Language: Swedish