The big trip

7 yrs 84 minutes 2019 4.8

The bear does not think he needs any friends, especially not the hare, who unexpectedly lands in the bear's hives with his self-built moon rocket. Just when the bear thinks that things cannot get worse, the stork accidentally delivers a baby panda to him. The bear decides to travel down the river to deliver the child to his parents. But it turns out that the hare is the only one who can comfort the crying baby, so he can keep up. And on the way they meet a moose, a tiger, and a rabbit.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, children, family, comedy
Director: Vasiliy Rovenskiy, Natalya Nilova
Voices: Niclas Ekholm, Johan Reinholdsson, Leo Hallerstam
Country: Russia, USA
Language: Swedish