Up and Away

Allowed 77 minutes 2018 5.4

Animated family film based on Ole Lund Kirkegaard's book. Hodja lives with his parents in the small town of Pjort where everyone knows everyone. His father wants him to take over the family tailoring business, but Hodja has bigger plans. He wants to see the world with his goat Raja. When a neighbor lets him borrow a flying carpet, Hodja sees his chance and goes without permission to the dangerous capital. He makes friends with a girl called Esmeralda and then loses his magic carpet in a robbery. To get it back, Hodja and Esmeralda must enter the palace of the evil sultan.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, children
Director: Karsten Kiilerich
Actor: Linus Wahlgren, Sharon Dyall, Göran Gillinger, Mimmi Sandén
Country: Denmark
Language: Swedish