Höjdarna - Plättmysteriet

Allowed 80 minutes 2006

SVT's appreciated Christmas calendar from 2004 about Allram and his friends in the gang Höjdarna have been followed up with a new series of tv-shows with the same characters and the same technique with animated dolls. The crazy and inventive friends in the gang Höjdarna live high up in the rooftops. Humor, warmth, breathtaking excitement and sweet music spread over their world as the sun rises and the adventure begins. In this episode, Franke thinks about small pancakes, what if you always could find fresh small pancakes that Franke and all the friends could eat. Suddenly all the small pancakes are gone, where have they gone, or who has eaten them? Hm, Esther ... where are the small pancakes?

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children, family
Director: Petter Lenstrand
Actor: Cecilia Olin, Mona Seilitz
Voices: Morgan Alling, Björn Carlberg, Gustav Funck
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish