Allowed 45 minutes 2016 5.3

An animated movie free from author Pernilla Stalfelt's subtle and philosophical books about life, love, hair, death, horror and poop. Dolores and Gunellen are very different, yet they are best friends and live together. One day, Gunellen decides to travel the world. Dolores does not want to be left alone, so Dolores tells everything she knows about hair and poop, death, life and love. But all this might just make Gunellen even more curious about the world? Rikard Wolff is the narrator and Mia Skäringer and Klara Zimmergren are the voices to Dolores and Gunellen.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, family
Director: Linda Hambäck
Voices: Mia Skäringer, Klara Zimmergren, Rikard Wolff
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish