The Great Adventure

Allowed 94 minutes 1953 6.9

Arne Sucksdorff's multi award-winning film The Great Adventure of 1953 is not really one but several adventures. The main roles are played by a female fox with five kids, an eagle, capercaillies and owls, two blond kids and a lynx. Starting on a late summer morning we follow the group through the shifts of the seasons. According to NE, the long-film debut The Great Adventure united “the world of childhood and innocence with nature and is the artiest most successful example of S's method of blending documentaryism with manipulated or purely fictional reality."

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, family
Director: Arne Sucksdorff
Actor: Anders Nohrborg, Kjell Sucksdorff, Arne Sucksdorff, Gunnar Sjöberg
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish