Älskar älskar inte

11 yrs 100 minutes 1995 5.2

Mia (Camilla Lundén, Glädjekällan) and Patrik (Thomas Hanzon, Ninth Company) are a young couple, happy and careless. They plan to marry and raise children in the near future. Patrik is a pilot and Mia has her thoughts set out to pursue a vocal career. In the midst of a safe day, Patrik has an accident that makes him partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. Life changes and it makes it difficult for them to live together. Patriks anger and self pity know no bounds and he ultimately breaks up from his girlfriend Mia. But a new therapist tries to help him to accept that there are other things in life than being a maverick pilot with an attitude. Mikael Hylin directs this Swedish drama from 1995

The film is not playable outside of Sweden