11 yrs 194 minutes 1972 8.0

The young Jan Troell had his debut as director, in the mid 1960's, with the adaptation of Eyvind Johnson's autobiographical novels Romanen om Olof, when he began to work in another classic novel film adaptation. This time, he took on Vilhelm Moberg's The Emigrants. The gripping story of poor Smalanders Karl Oskar and Kristina who decide to emigrate to America in the mid-1800s with the hope of a better life. In 1971 came the first film named The Emigrants and based on the trilogy's first two parts The following year came The Settlers based on the novel's following two sequels. Karl Oskar and Kristina have reached America. At the beautiful Lake Ki-Chi-Saga, they build their house. Here he will settle and here his children grow up. But they must work hard and struggle to survive harsh winters, Native Americans and their own longing for their homeland.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden