Tropa de Elite 2

15 yrs 115 minutes 2010 8.0

This sequel to José Padilha's award-winning film Tropa de Elite continues the story of the specially trained police force tasked with stopping violent crimes at any cost in Brazil. The streets are still just as unsafe, but the most dangerous criminals are now among politicians and high up in the police force. Captain Nascimento is forced to question his loyalties and sees old friends turn into enemies. In Dagens Nyheter, Eva af Geijerstam writes "The imagery resembles a reportage in its authenticity, the outbursts of violence are recurring and surprising. The excitement is nonstop. But the Nascimento we meet here is also much more thoughtful and personal."

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Action, drama, gangster, thriller
Director: José Padilha
Actor: Wagner Moura, Irandhir Santos, André Ramiro, Milhem Cortaz
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese