Allowed 89 minutes 1974 5.5

Six-year-old Johan, called Fimpen, is a good fotballplayer. This is what Hammarby's big star Mackan (Magnus Härenstam) discovers when he repeatedly gets played. The national team leader, Georg "Åby" Ericson, arrange so that Fimpen join the team where he is successful. Other football players get in trouble because Fimpen cannot sleep the night before a match. The other players must read the same storybook over and over for him, which means they also do not get proper sleep. In addition, Fimpen can’t keep up in school. The national team players Ralf Edström, Ronnie Hellström, Ove Kindvall, Bosse Larsson and others play themselves in this charming football story. At the premiere, Monica Tunbäck-Hanson wrote in GP: “Fimpen is a film about childhood and playfulness, but it is made at a certain distance. With friendly irony, Widerberg follows the big guys' all-engaging interest in football”.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children, drama, family, sport
Director: Bo Widerberg
Actor: Johan Bergman, Magnus Härenstam, Monica Zetterlund, Ernst-Hugo Järegård
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish