15 yrs 105 minutes 2013 6.1

A group of police officers are out celebrating a successful arrest and the fact that one of them, Malcolm (Joel Edgerton), survived having been shot in the line of duty. After a night of partying, Malcolm drives home when he suddenly hits a little boy who is seriously injured and ends up in a coma. When his colleague Carl (Tom Wilkinson) arrives at the scene, Malcolm confesses to him what really happened, but Carl tells him to hide his involvement with a cover story. However, Jim (Jai Courtney), another colleague, becomes suspicious and starts to look into the case. Soon the three men are spun into a web of lies threatening the entire police force if the truth were to come out. Felony was nominated for several awards at a number of Australian film festivals.    

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Thriller
Director: Matthew Saville
Actor: Joel Edgerton, Jai Courtney, Tom Wilkinson
Country: Australia, USA
Language: English