Peter och Petra

Allowed 72 minutes 1989

Peter and Petra are two tiny children. Two tiny, tiny children! They are not bigger than two tiny dolls. They are members of the Little people, but their mother and father think that even tiny people need to learn how to read and write. And that’s how Peter and Petra end up in Gunnar's class. One winter evening Peter and Petra bring Gunnar to Vasaparken when all the other children went home. He'll see something he has never seen before. When the springtime begins, Peter and Petra do show up for school. This is a film for big and small and those who are even smaller.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children, family
Director: Agneta Elers-Jarleman
Actor: Joshua Petsonk, Calle Torén, Ebba Sojé-Berggren, Barbro Larsson, Per Eggers
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish