Chuggington - All buckled up

Allowed 61 minutes 2010

In this British animated children's program, we meet the locomotives Wilson, Koko and Brewster. They are three friends who learn to become working trains and in the meanwhile, they go on both adventures and have fun together. They learn valuable things like responsibility, courage and what friendship is. This DVD contains six episodes, among which we can see Hodge as a hostess for a quiz. And Tjut and Tut will see if they can send back a meteorite to space. Koko and Zephie have a lot of fun with the paint car, at least until they discover how they look what they look like.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Adventure, animation, children
Director: Sarah Ball
Voices: Linda Åslund, Nick Atkinson, Claes Ljungmark.
Country: United Kingdom
Language: Swedish