Ugly Dirty and Bad

15 yrs 111 minutes 1976 7.7

Drama from 1976 by Ettore Scola with Nino Manfredi. In a small hovel outside of Rome lives the one-eyed man Giacinto with his family. A total of twenty people out of four generations, who provide themselves as thieves and whores, except those who have horrible jobs. Giacanto devotes most of his time to the bottle and refuses to share the stack of money that he broods over like a hen. Money that he got by cheating the insurance fund after pouring lime into his eye. The nicest thing about him is that he is consistent. He treats everyone bad. But when the tyrant let his mistress sleep in his wife's bed, the family's patience breaks. A delicious pasta is put on the stove, seasoned with pepper, basil and ratpoison. Around three kilos. But nobody knows how tenacious Giacinto is ...

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy
Director: Ettore Scola
Actor: Nino Manfredi, Maria Luisa Santella, Francesco Anniballi
Country: Italy
Language: Italian