15 yrs 85 minutes 2015 6.5

At a beauty salon in Gaza, a group of women with different backgrounds and life situations have gathered for treatments. It’s one of those unusual days when the electricity is working. Suddenly they hear a noise from the streets outside and gunfire follows. The women are now trapped together in the salon until it’s safe to go outside and all they can do is talk to each other. The Palestinian brothers Arab and Tarzan Nasser depicts a world witch they know very well in their feature film debut. In Dagens Nyheter, Eva van Geijerstam writes: “The Salon is a vivid story about life and living in Gaza without having to show a single war victim or damaged house. It is very life-affirming”. She gives the movie a four out of five.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama
Director: Arab Nasser, Tarzan Nasser
Actor: Hiam Abbass, Victoria Balitska, Manal Awad
Country: Palestine
Language: Arabic, English