Heart of A Dog

7 yrs 75 minutes 2015 7.0

In a beautiful collage, Laurie Anderson talks about her very best friend, the dog Lolabelle. Along the way, she explores major questions about society's relationship to life and death as well as unconditional love. Anderson is best known as musician and multimedia artist. From 2008, she was married to Lou Reed until his death in 2013. Her moving film acts as a meditative reflection about what it really means to be both a physical and spiritual being in our uncertain complex world. According to DN's Kerstin Gezelius, Heart of a Dog is a movie that you can see many times and wear as an amulet on your neck in the difficult times of life". The film was invited to compete at the Venice Film Festival, where it also won a prize.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography
Director: Laurie Anderson
Country: USA
Language: English