Sammy's Adventures - The Secret Passage

7 yrs 82 minutes 2009 6.0

In this animated adventure of Belgian origin, the story of the 50 year old turtle Sammy and his life are told. Sammy is born on a beach in California and then goes on a journey through the oceans of the world where he experiences all possible kinds of dangers before returning to his great love Shelly. Jan-Olov Andersson writes in Aftonbladet that "there is excitement, humor, love, moderate bits of messages (about the human ability to destroy the environment) and a funny part of the 1968 movement when the tortoise ends up in a hippie camp." The Swedish voices are made by Sven Wollter, Benjamin Wahlgren, Marie Serneholt, Danny Saucedo and Tommy Nilsson.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, children, family
Director: Ben Stassen
Country: USA
Language: Swedish