The Sense of Wonder

7 yrs 96 minutes 2015 6.8

When Louise' husband passes away, life turns difficult, with two children and a large beautiful farm to take care of in the heart of France. Neither the pear farms or bee hives produce any huge sums of cash, and the bank wants interest on the money she borrowed. But life takes a new turn when she hits a stranger with her car. Even though he does not seem hurt, she decides to take care of the stranger who presents himself as Pierre. Soon she realizes that Pierre is a rather strange man, but maybe just what she and her family need. Göteborgsposten's Mats Johnson states that "This is a beautiful, low-key and mildly humorous movie [...] feelgood that works."

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, drama, romance, family
Director: Éric Besnard
Actor: Virginie Efira, Benjamin Lavernhe, Herve Pierra, Laurent Bateau
Country: France
Language: French