Harvie and the Magic Museum

7 yrs 86 minutes 2017 4.1

This is the story of Harvie, a smart and lively boy with only one ambition - to reach the "dream level" of his computer game. But suddenly, he finds himself in a real-life adventure when he visits an old, abandoned doll museum together with his dog Jerry and friend Monica. By accident, Harvie activates a magic disk which makes all dolls - including a huge but kind dragon - come alive. The Swedish voices in this animated family story are made by Edvin Ryding, Hanna Berg, Dick Eriksson and Jonas Bergström, among others.    

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, children, fantasy, adventure
Director: Martin Kotík, Inna Evlannikova
Voices: Edvin Ryding, Hanna Berg, Dick Eriksson, Jonas Bergström
Country: Czech Republic
Language: Swedish