Class trip

Allowed 15 minutes 2014

Elin tries to fit in at her new school where the classmates are preparing for a skiing trip. Soon she realizes that some children are richer and some are poorer, and she doesn’t know where she belongs. A short film based on real experiences. Sometimes kids are harassed and excluded just because their parents don’t have a lot of money and can’t afford to buy expensive stuff. And maybe you do things you’ll be sorry for later, only to belong. "Class trip shows that it’s unfair and mean to exclude others and that it’s not always necessary to own the latest stuff to be happy in life". The children's jury's motivation - Winner of best children's short in Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage.  

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Short film
Genre: Drama
Director: Jonatan Etzler
Actor: Ping Mon Wallén, Amanda Ooms, Amanda Lundin, Jonathan Lindell, Lion Mon Wallén, Gabriel Chamoun, Henny Janhagen
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish