7 yrs 88 minutes 2015 4.4

The animated family movie Spark is about the teenage heir to Planet Banas Throne: Spark. He has grown on one of the little pieces left of the planet Bana, which was destroyed by the evil warlord general Zhong thirteen years earlier. On this little piece of land, he has been raised by the fox Vix, the warthog Chunk and the crazy robot Bananny. But Spark has grown tired of his existence and "borrows" the others' ships to go away and explore space. An adventure that results in an intergalactic battle against General Zhong and his plan to help the mythical monster Kraken’s ability to create black holes to take power in the universe.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, children
Director: Aaron Woodley
Actor: Sharon Dyall, Michael Blomqvist, Claes Ljungmark, Simon Iversen Sannemark, Anna Engh, Anders Öjebo
Country: Canada
Language: Swedish