Umberto Eco: A Library Of the World

7 yrs 77 minutes 2023 7.2

The year before Umberto Eco passed away, the Berlin Prize-winning director Davide Ferrario and Eco started a film project. With access to Eco's incredible private library, Ferrario and Eco's family have created a unique documentary about a truly unique place. The library, which Eco called part of the world heritage, houses over 30,000 books, including over 1,500 rare antiquities. Umberto Eco: A Library of the World is a book lover's dream world, as enigmatic as it is impressive.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Director: Davide Ferrario
Starring: Giuseppe Cederna, Mariella Valentini, Niccolò Ferrero, Paolo Giangrasso, Umberto Eco, Walter Leonardi, Zoe Tavarelli
Country: Italy
Language: Italian