Women with Cows

15 yrs 93 minutes 2011 6.8

Peter Gerdehag and Tell Aulin's award-winning documentary Kokvinnorna tells us more about the world of the endangered hand-milk cows. Peter Gerdehag has also directed the films Hästmannen and Bondens tid på jorden. Sisters Inger and Britt have different views on much of life, and not least on their cows. Since Britt wants nothing better than to continue working with the cows, despite a body that is double-weighted by unhealed old injuries, Inger is more willing to give it up and live a more modern life. But when the authorities threaten to take the cows away from Britt, Inger still stands up wholeheartedly for her sister. Inger and Britt are probably the last to deliver hand-milked milk to Arlamejeriet.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Director: Tell Aulin, Peter Gerdehag
Country: Finland, Norway, Sweden
Language: Swedish