The First The Last

15 yrs 98 minutes 2016 6.3

The bounty hunter duo Cochise and Gilou have been assigned to find a phone containing several not so flattering files that were lost by its owner. The search for the missing phone takes Cochise and Gilou on a winding trip on the French countryside, including into a small forgotten city where they meet Esther and Willy, a young couple who are apparently on the run from something or someone. The film was awarded several awards at the Berlin Film Festival and was directed by Cannes-rewarded director and actor Bouli Lanners. We also see Max von Sydow in a powerful supporting role.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, crime, romance
Director: Bouli Lanners
Actor: Albert Dupontel, Bouli Lanners, Suzanne Clément, Max von Sydow
Country: France
Language: French