Sköta häst

Allowed 75 minutes 2008

Sköta häst conveys the advice of the top riders on good horse keeping. Handling, routines, feeding, training. How to keep the horse healthy, your equipment in trim, and to make the horse look good for competitions. The stars and their assistants give their best tips and tricks. In Sköta häst professional tips are given by Olympic riders Peter Eriksson, Jan Brink, Peder Fredricson, Malin Baryard, Helena Lundbäck and Maria Gretzer, all recognized as savvy and successful horse people. Veterinarians Lisa and Staffan Lidbeck advise on good horse keeping and, among other things, show how to handle small wounds and make simple dressings.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Sport, children
Director: Pernilla Linder Velander
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish