Få ett föl

Allowed 90 minutes 2011

The little white welsh mountain mare B Siwgr is going to have a foal. Come and share in everything that will happen! Follow the breeding and the ultrasound exam and see the heart of the foal tick just five weeks later. Stay close and see the little foal take its first wobbly steps twenty minutes after birth. Watch her skipping in the field and accompany the weaning and winter play in the snow with the other pony foals. In Få ett föl you meet with experts and experienced horse people. You will meet veterinarians, breeders, stallion holders, feed experts and Flyinge's mare- and foal stable manager Gitte Johansson among others, who will tell you what happens when a foal comes to the world and what to think about.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Sport, children
Director: Pernilla Linder Velander
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish