15 yrs 102 minutes 2022 6.1

When teen best friends, Cecilia (Sissy) and Emma, bump into each other again after many years, Emma invites Cecilia – who now is a popular influencer – to her bachelorette party over the weekend in a remote cabin. But what Cecilia didn't take into account is that she there will run into her old tormentor Alex – Emma's new friend during their teenage years who destroyed the friendship between them, and made Cecilia her bullying victim. And Alex hasn't forgotten: When Cecilia paid back in self-defense, Alex was left with injuries in her face, injuries that left scars for life. Now Alex is looking for revenge – in the Australian independent horror film Sissy.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, drama, horror
Director: Hannah Barlow, Kane Senes
Actor: Aisha Dee, Hannah Barlow, Emily De Margheriti
Country: Australia
Language: English