Three minutes - A lengthening

11 yrs 69 minutes 2021 7.3

In this moving documentary film, we follow the inhabitants of the small Polish town of Nasielsk through a home-made video recording filmed in 1938. The three-minute footage depicts the life of the people in a small Jewish town before the Holocaust took place, and is the only moving images left of the Jewish inhabitants in Nasielsk. Through the grandson of the home video creator, we get to share personal memories from this time. Helena Bonham Carter guides us through this emotionally powerful documentary film as narrator.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary, historic, war
Director: Bianca Stigter
Starring: Glenn Kurtz, Moszek Tuchendler
Voices: Helena Bonham Carter
Country: Netherlands, United Kingdom
Language: English, Yiddish, Polish, German