15 yrs 118 minutes 2012 6.5

In Neil Jordan's violent horror thriller Byzantium the vampires Clara (Gemma Arterton from The Escape) and her 16-year-old daughter Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan from Mary Queen of Scots and Little Women) are on the run, which they have been for a long time. Life as the creatures of the night has started to be too much for them. They settle down in a shabby hotel in a sleepy little seaside resort and hope to start a new life. Clara turns the hotel into a brothel and Eleanor falls in love with the sick Frank. But for a young girl it is difficult to keep a secret, no matter how dark it may be ...

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, fantasy, horror, thriller, bechdel approved
Director: Neil Jordan
Actor: Saoirse Ronan, Barry Cassin, Gemma Arterton, David Heap, Warren Brown
Country: Ireland, United Kingdom
Language: English