7 yrs 84 minutes 2016 6.3

When 30-year-old Niloofar's sick mother receive the advice that she should move from the polluted Tehran, in favor of the fresh rural air in the north. Her two brothers decide that it is the unmarried Niloofs who should move with their mother. This means that Niloofar must shut down her tailoring shop and end her new relationship. Niloofar is the youngest and accustomed to obeying her brothers, but this time she decides to put her own life first. In SvD, Jon Asp writes that this is: “A nuanced and multifaceted story with well-balanced personal portraits. In Kulturnytt at P1, Saman Bakhtiari writes that the film touches several topics, but mainly the director Behnam Behzadi tells about "... the young modern woman in Iran and what challenges she is constantly dealing with." The director Behzadi was nominated for the Un Certain Regard Award in Cannes 2016.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Bechdel approved, drama
Director: Behnam Behzadi
Actor: Sahar Dolatshahi, Ali Mosaffa, Alireza Aghakhani
Country: Iran
Language: Persian