15 yrs 99 minutes 2014 7.2

Yann Demange's debut 71, is according to GP's Maria Domellöf-Wik "an intense and suggestive film about the meaninglessness of killing". Belfast in the 70's and the different phalanges of IRA fight each other because they all have different suggestions on how to fight the British army. The young Gary Hook (Jack O'Connell) barely reaches the British army until his unit is sent to Belfast. During a routine assignment, Hook is left behind the enemy lines when the British retire. Without any contacts with his unit, Gary is forced to hide among the locals without knowing who he dares to trust. "In his long-film debut, Yann Demange makes a clever mix of genres; social drama, war movie and a very exciting thriller," writes Michael Tapper in Sydsvenskan.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, thriller
Director: Yann Demange
Actor: Jack O'Connell, Paul Anderson, Richard Dormer, Sean Harris
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English