Inequality for All

15 yrs 89 minutes 2013 8.0

Robert Reich is an economist, author, educator and was the United States Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton. Since the mid-1980’s, Reich has been outspoken in the issue of the growing gap between the ppor and the wealthy in the United States. According to Reich, this gap will, slowly but surely, wipe out the middle class and lead to an economic disaster if it continues to grow. Interviews with Reich and conversations with Americans from different societies testifies to stagnant wages and growing personal debts in an economy based on consumption. Bernt Eklund writes in Expressen that “regardless of where you are in the socio-economic scale, this is an entertaining and instructive lesson. When the debate about the school’s insecurity and the shortcomings of teachers is all around us, it is pleasant to see a brilliant educator at work. Reich is brilliant and has the same charisma as our own Hans Rosling and economics suddenly seems almost understandable”.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Economy
Director: Jacob Kornbluth
Country: USA
Language: English