Off the Map

15 yrs 108 minutes 2005 7.2

The American director Campbell Scott's award-winning drama about the eleven-year-old girl Bo and her experiences during the summer. Bo lives with her liberal parents in the New Mexico wilderness. But idyllness disappeares whith her father's growing depression. Bo has no one to share her grief. One day, the family is visited by Will, who has come from the tax authority to check why they have not paid taxes for so many years. Ironically Will a catalyst for the family's way out of the darkness.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, bechdel approved
Director: Campbell Scott
Actor: Joan Allen, Valentina De Angelis, Sam, Elliott, J. K. Simmons, Jim True-Frost, Amy Brenneman
Country: USA
Language: English