About us

About Viddla
Viddla was launched in March 2017 and offers a range of digital films to you as a library patron. Connected libraries are displayed when a movie is selected for viewing. The service is a complement to commercial streaming services and the intent is to provide relevant films selected on the basis of quality, width and consistency with the principle of accessibility for all. On thursdays new films are published in Viddla (#thursdaypremiere) and the film catalogue is growing continuously. By 2023 there were over 2 000 films.

To borrow movies your local library needs to be connected to Viddla and you must have a library card with a number and a PIN code. You can get the library card at your local library.

About the developers
Responsible Distributor: BTJ AB
The service is developed by BTJ in cooperation with Norgesfilm AS

About the film selection
Viddla works to offer both breadth and quality to reflect and complement the library's regular film range. In our selection, we try to capture the full width of the movie industry: from children's films to immortal classics, from major movies to documentaries and, of course, international films from all over the world.

Our close collaboration with the major film distributors in Sweden such as SF, Sandrew, Scanbox, Filmcentrum, Folkets Bio, Njutafilms and Studio S enables us to make a qualitative selection from their reputable catalogs and smaller companies like Angel, Majeng, and BLD Media helps us providing interesting movies to a larger audience.

The editorial staff working with the selection of films in Viddla consists of the same people who have worked with the selection of films for the libraries for a long time, together with the international team working with multi-language books. In addition to this, we take help from our connected libraries, by for example taking suggestions and by sending out lists with movies. We aim to have 50% of the films from countries other than Sweden and the United States, and that 20% will be children or family films. We also have a genre called "Queer", to which we count movies that in some form derive from the hetero norm in different ways. We have chosen the term Queer based on Ruby Rich's term New Queer Cinema.

We continuously inform about news regarding the service itself, such as when new movie companies are engaged or when new technical solutions are presented, but also work with introducing films through different themes. This is both a way to spotlight movies that patrons might otherwise not have paid much attention to but also to make them more familiar with the selection.

About security
To ensure that only registered users of the library have access to the movies, all films are protected by digital encryption called digital rights management, DRM. Encryption means that only the users who have permission can start and play a movie. DRM is also a requirement of all major film companies to ensure that the films are protected and cannot be copied or otherwise unlawfully utilized or disseminated. Because Viddla has complete DRM protection (PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay), major international movie companies allow their film material to be distributed via Viddla.

About licenses
The movies you can stream are newer and older quality movies with commercial rights for private viewing. Every week the film catalogue in Viddla grows with at least ten films in our #thursdaypremiere, with new titles for both children and adults from the filmmakers we have agreements with. These include major companies like SF, Atlantic, Sandrew, Scanbox, Njutafilms and Studio S but also smaller ones like Angel, Majeng and BLD Media. We also work continuously to increase the number of rights agreements with players who have library-relevant material.

About personal information
This website and its supplier BTJ AB do not manage or store any personal information.
The information the site handles is the card number in order to provide the user access to film loans.
Any information connecting the card number to its owner is treated in the library's own system, whose operations are covered by the Official Secrets Act. User information from this site will not be sold or transferred to third parties. Read our Integrity policy (in Swedish) here.

Published: 10/09/2016   Last updated: 09/05/2023