What is required to use Viddla?
To borrow movies your local library needs to be connected to Viddla and you must have a library card with your number and a PIN code. You can get the library card at your local library. Connected libraries are displayed when a movie is selected for viewing.

Do I have to create a user account?
It´s no problem to borrow films without creating a user account, but it makes it easier and gives you access to more useful features such as to see active loans and history off all your previously borrowed films. It also gives you the opportunity to mark films as favorites and add movies to different films lists you create.

The function to add multiple library cards to your profile and get a good overview of the number of used and available loans is also included. All of this is gathered under ACCOUNT and more info about how it works with e.g. favorites and movie lists can be found there when you created your profile and logged in.

When you create a user account, you register it with an e-mail address and password. These are not to be confused with library card number + PIN code. If you are logged into your account the library card you have active is pre selected when you select a movie to borrow and library card number + PIN is pre-filled if you have chosen to check the "Remember me" box.

Please note that for Örebro library, it is not possible to create a user account, since our films are borrowed directly from their website where the functions of favorite marking and seeing active loans are also found.

How can I find a film to borrow?
Search our database or select from our movie list to find a movie you want to see.

How do I use search, filtering and sorting?
Free text search on the film page gives search results on films but also suggestions for titles directly in the search field so-called autocomplete. Filtering capabilities are provided for all searches on the criteria: category, genre, production year and age limit. All search results can also be sorted according to the following terms: alphabetic, most viewed, latest published, first published, newest, oldest, IMDB-rating. The information presented for a single film is also clickable, which makes it easier to quickly search other movies with the same actor, director, country, language etc.

General free text search throughout the service is accessed from all pages except the movie page. Search in this search field presents results for both movies and articles the results are presented with a clear visual difference if it is a film, editorial and / or news article. For example, via a search on "Thursdaypremiere" and sorting at the latest published, you get a quick and chronological overview of which films we have published on a weekly basis and presented with editorial articles.

NOTE:  Different browsers handle excerpts differently, we recommend that you right-click and select "open in new tab" on a movie you want to read more about after a filtering in order to be able to easily go back to the tab with the excerpt.

What is Bechdel approved?
The bechdel test is a gender equality test that shows how women are presented in films. In order for a film to pass the Bechdel test, it must meet the following three criterias: Have at least two named female characters, They need to talk to each other, About something other than men. All our films have undergone the bechdel test and those who meet all three criteria are marked and filtered easily on the film page by clicking on genre "Bechdel approved".

How do I borrow a film?
After you select a movie and click on "play movie" you get a request to log in with your library card. Once you enter your card number and password, the movie starts to play.

How long is the loan period?
You have 48 hours to watch the movie before the loan period ends. The film can be paused, fast forward and backward, and it can be viewed an unlimited number of times during the loan period.

How many films can I borrow?
Your library determines how many loans you may use per month. You see the number of loans you have left when you log in to watch a film. The library places a limit on how many films may be lent out in total each calendar month. If the pot runs out, no more loans can be made that month unless the library provides more loans.

Have all films subtitles?
All our foreign movies and some swedish have subtitles in swedish and in many cases in finnish to. Some movie have subtitles in Arabic. Click on the subtitle-icon in the lower right corner of the player to set the subtitles. In the Safari browser on iOS support for subtitles is only supported through the device settings read more here

Does films have multiple audio tracks?
Yes many of our children's movies have audio tracks in different languages so you can easily choose which language you want. To see if the movie has multiple languages, click on the icon with three dots for settings in the lower right corner of the player to find the language options to choose from.

Where can I use Viddla?
Viddla is available for private use whitin Sweden.

Which platforms support Viddla?
Viddla supports PC, Apple iOS, OSX* and Android devices

Try to play a trailer first, klick here to make sure your selected unit and browser is supported. If not please continue to read in Viddlas FAQ for support and troubleshooting.

  • Viddla supports all common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)
  • iPhone and iPad (Apple) is supported from iOS version 10.3 or later through the Viddla app
  • iPhone and iPad (Apple) is supported from iOS version 11.2 also in Safari
  • Chrome browser is required for playing the films on Android
  • Android is supported from version 6.0
  • Devices lacking support for DRM, e.g low-cost models such as Huawei Lite might not work
  • Chromecast is supported in Chrome browser on all platforms. For iOS through the Viddla app
  • Smart TV: On newer LG TVs (w/ WebOS) you can use the built-in browser to play movies. Also on newer Samsung TVs (with Tizen OS), the built-in browser should work well for playback. Other Smart TV OSs have not been tested.

* Older OS versions then Sierra does not support Safari, use Chrome or Firefox

Can I transfer a borrowed film to another platform?
You can watch the movie on another platform but then you need to log in again. During 48 hours your loan period is still considered valid and the switch to another platform will not be recorded as a new loan.

How does streaming work?
When you stream a movie, you do not have to wait for the movie to be downloaded, the movie player reads the file directly from our servers. This means that you must be connected to the Internet during the entire movie viewing.

What is the quality of the films?
All our videos are in HD ready or SD (Standard Definition) quality, which is generally equivalent to DVD quality.

Why is the audio / video failing?
This can be caused by a weak internet connection. If you have Wi-Fi at home, it may be because more devices are connected or you are too far from your wireless router. Try switching to the lowest bit rate (the one called "Good - 0.8 Mbit / s"). If the problem persists, it may help to pause the movie and test again after a while.

Can you connect the computer to the TV?
Yes, either through wireless, via Chromecast, Airplay or with an HDMI cable connecting your computer to your TV.

How do I stream via Chromecast to my TV?
1. Connect your PC, tablet or mobile and Chromecast, to the same Wi-Fi network.
2. Access Viddla though the Chrome browser or iOS app and start playing a movie.
3. Click on the Chromecast icon in the player to transfer the picture to the connected TV.

How do I stream via Airplay to my TV?
1. Connect your iPhone or iPad and Apple-TV/Airplay, to the same Wi-Fi network.
2. Start Viddlas iOS app and start playing a movie.
3. Click on the Airplay icon in the player to transfer the picture to the connected TV.

Do you experience technical problems with the service?
Read the troubleshooting help below and if it does not help then use the feedback form in the right margin
or email us at support@viddla.se. For technical problems, please state the following:

  • Device you use (phone, tablet, PC, Mac, AppleTV, Chromecast)
  • Operating systems you use (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Browsers you use (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  • If you are using the Viddla iOS app for iPhone/iPad

User account troubleshooting
If you do not receive a confirmation email when you create a user account, it will probably be due to your email account settings and the email will end up in your spam. Contact us at support@viddla.se and we will help you confirm your user account.

Troubleshoot browser
Always start testing a trailer to ensure that you have the correct settings in your browser to play protected content (DRM).

If you receive the error message (DRM: Unable to instantiate a key system supporting the required combinations) instead of the trailer playing you need to make sure that the protected content setting is enabled. In the Chrome browser you find it here: chrome://settings/content/protectedContent 

Troubleshooting iOS app
As of iOS 14, it is possible to change from Safari to another browser as default.
Make sure Safari is set as the default browser on your iPhone or iPad for the Viddla app to work.
If the app does not start up, it is because another browser then Safari is set by default on your device.

Troubleshoot android devices
If you receive the error message (DRM: Unable to instantiate a key system supporting the required combinations) instead of the trailer/film is playing you most likely have a setting on that does not accept playback of DRM protected content.

In Chromes settings, you'll find which protected content pages you've accepted. Here's how to access the Protected content settings in Chrome:
Chrome  > Settings > Site settings > Media > Protected content 

Under the heading Allowed, https://viddla.se must be included. If https://viddla.se is under the heading Not Allowed in Protected Content, click on it and select Clear & Reset. Then you will get a question to accept playback of DRM protected content next time you start a movie or trailer in Viddla. Klick accept and it will work to play the movie / trailer and you do not need to redo the process in the future.

If you choose to connect to Viddla in Incognito Mode (Private Browsing), DRM-protected content will not be able to play movies and trailers. Therefore, always choose regular Chrome browser mode on android devices.

Why does Viddla think I'm abroad

If you are in Sweden, but see the message: The film is not available outside of Sweden, it usually depends on one of the following reasons:

If you have been on a trip recently or connected to a train or car that is driving data traffic abroad, Viddla believes you are abroad.

This may also be due to an error with your Internet service provider. Viddla may only show movies in Sweden and your device´s  IP-address must have the name SE. You can check your IP address here

  • If your IP-address is registered abroad and you are in Sweden, we recommend that you contact your internet service provider (Examples of internet operators are Comhem, Telia, Telenor)     
  • If your IP-address is registered in Sweden and you are still blocked contact us for help at support@viddla.se

Published: 10/09/2016   Last updated: 15/05/2024