Allowed 7 minutes 2019

A group of young people dance through the twilight landscape of the suburbs to the tunes of a Swedish folk song. Follow them through the night until dawn in a contrasting embodiment of contemporary Sweden. Sebastian has many years of experience as a freelancer in the film industry in various departments. Mainly in production, in the on-site department and also for a short period as scripta. In parallel, he has worked as a videographer and done everything from video art to music videos, wedding videos, infomercials and advertising. In 2018, Sebastian took his first steps towards directing his own project, which would be his short film debut Norrsken.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Short film
Genre: Adventure, music
Director: Sebastian von Wachenfeldt
Actor: Adjaní Benita, Savanna Hanneryd, Sandra Joseph, Laity Njie
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish